Heartburn (feat. Guy Branum & Dani Bonder)

heartburn-carbonaraWe are so excited to welcome two of our favorite Nora Eph-icionados – our friend Dani Bonder and the wonderful Guy Branum (Talk Show the Game Show, The Mindy Project, Pop Rocket) – to help us break down Nora’s 1986 masterpiece Heartburn!

What The Ephron: Perfect Gentlemen

Perfect Gentlemen!The first installment of WHAT THE EPHRON? is here and we’re breaking down Nora’s first TV movie, Perfect Gentlemen! This seemingly forgotten classic has it all: compelling characters, a well-constructed caper, AND an all-star cast – what more could you want?! (Besides, of course, a big-screen reboot because that needs to happen like yesterday.)
Watch PERFECT GENTLEMEN (1978) on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5zJe6Zo2ho

Home Again

home againWe’re back, baby! This week we’re breaking down the final installment (for now) in the Nancy Meyers canon: Home Again. Produced by Nancy and written and directed by her daughter Hallie Meyers-Shyer – of “Want me to deck her for ya?” fame – this movie is the cinematic equivalent of Nobu leftovers. Join us as we try to make sense of this well-meaning mess and stay tuned until the end for details on the upcoming Nora Ephron edition of the podcast! Don’t forget to like us on iTunes and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ohyounancyhuhpod/

It’s Complicated (with Adam Pally)

complicated_9_LHome sweet home! This week we’re finally breaking down It’s Complicated, and much like the kitchen Jane Adler is hellbent on renovating, we simply don’t see how it could be more perfect. This movie has it all: breathtaking interiors, goofy screwball comedy, and an all-star cast that delightfully executes Nancy’s every whim. In the second half of the episode, the lovely and hilarious Adam Pally weighs in with his thoughts on this iconic film, so needless to say, we’re feeling groovier than Steve Martin poking smot!

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The Holiday (feat. Delanie Fischer)

TH4Our girl Delanie Fischer (Laughs on FOX, Self-Helpless Podcast) brings her Jack Black expertise to the podcast this week to help us break down a timeless classic: The Holiday! Light a cozy fire and settle in with a glass of red wine because we’re talking everything from Cameron Diaz’s questionable acting choices to the heartwarming on-screen relationship between Kate Winslet and everyone’s favorite scroodly-doo, Eli Wallach.

Something’s Gotta Give (feat. Ali Segel)

SGG.jpgBonjour! Comment ça va? What’s that? Oh, just speaking French for no reason, in true Something’s Gotta Give fashion! Needless to say, there’s a LOT to cover this week, and we’re so excited to welcome the fabulous Ali Segel (EliteDaily, The Tweet Life with Ali and Patrick) to the podcast to help us break down this 2003 classic. So put on your favorite turtleneck, grab a glass of wine, and listen as we gush about human puppy Keanu Reeves and make some VERY poorly-timed jokes about Taylor Swift’s litigiousness!

What Women Want (feat. Demi Adejuyigbe)

wwwFrom its absurd $70 million dollar budget (!!!) to that inexplicable James Cameron cameo, What Women Want is bonkers in every way. Luckily, we have the lovely Demi Adejuyigbe (Gilmore Guys, the internet) on hand to help us break it all down. We think it’s safe to say Mel Gibson didn’t learn a damn thing from this movie, and what women really want is justice for Oksana.